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Graco InvisiPac Tank Free Hot Melt Delivery System

InvisiPac is "So Reliable, you'll forget it's even there!" Look what lnvisiPac brings lo your packaging line:
  • 10 minute start up time
  • No tank char
  • No nozzle plugging
Discover the benefits of tank-free technology vs. traditional hot melt equipment and learn how you can boost your packaging line inefficiencies.

Graco's Invisipac system minimizes char equaling a reduction of down time in operation.

  • No hoses filled with Char
  • No more hours spent scraping char out of the tank.
  • Less nozzles plugged due to charring
  • Less daily maintenance required as a result of char

Less down time = Saving Money


The innovative Invisipac System effectively eliminates plugged nozzles by its "free-flow manifold design" and filter within the applicator. As a result, you have a hot melt system that is trouble free, and dependable. Thus, down time is no longer a result of plugged nozzles and production time is increased.

No Plugged Nozzles = Increased Production Time


The Invisipac's fast 10 minute startup allows for more production time. No more waiting for the hot melt tank to heat up to begin the production day.

Fast Start Up = More Production Time


Since Graco's Invisipac system has a tankless design adhesive is not being "cooked" in the tank for longer periods of time. Thus, the adhesive is at a high temperature for significantly less time. Additionally, you can use a more economical adhesive without affecting the performance.

Economical Adhesives = Saving Money

Graco's Invisipac actually monitors and keeps a record of adhesive usage and productivity.

  • User friendly operating system
  • Graphical Icons
  • Monitors Adhesive Usage
  • Easy to download history and diagnostics
  • View all temperature zones on one screen.